AluWood Encouraging Composite Consumers to Go Green and Buy British

AluWood wants to corner the composite market – and hopes to help the environment at the same time.

We believe that architects and house builders may be missing a trick in the domestic marketplace by looking outside of the UK for these pioneering, durable and environmentally friendly windows and doors.

Quality British-Built Composites

With 95% of all composite window and door units used domestically currently being sourced outside of the UK, we are keen to turn the eyes of the industry homewards, offering quality British-built composites and composite components to trade buyers across the country and into Europe.

We believe that by informing key players in the UK building industry on the range of products they have to offer right here at home – including reversible and casement windows, hinged single / double doors and sliding / folding patio doors – they may be able to influence architects and house builders to think much more locally when shopping for all their composite window and door needs: a trend that would benefit not only us, but the environment as well.

Eco-Conscious Consumers Choose Composite Windows and Doors

With green credentials being a major selling point of the composite system, we believe designers and house builders should want to keep projects in line with the concerns of the environmentally-aware end consumer by sourcing windows and doors from a domestic source.

Buying British will save thousands of miles of transit by road, sea and rail helping to reduce the associated carbon footprint of the industry, not to mention that of individual builds.

Did you know that to transport one average weight window from Norway to Britain via sea and road consumes approximately 106MJ of energy? That is the equivalent to carrying the same window a total of 4,000 kilometres by rail or 1,250 kilometres by road!

British Built Composites Will Help Consumers’ Eco-Conscience

It is these kinds of transport distances that we believe would sit badly on the consciences of consumers who have chosen composite window and door products with their environmental impact in mind.

We firmly believe that consumers who are influenced by the energy efficiency and longevity of composite window and door products (which last around twice as long as many uPVC models) are also the kind of people who will be thinking about reducing their own wastage and the impact on the environment of their actions, and so would likely appreciate the same approach being taken to any windows and door orders generated in their names.

AluWood Composites Help Projects Maintain Ecological Integrity

“If a consumer chooses a proven energy efficient product  that is manufactured with recyclable aluminium and FSC approved timber from sustainable sources, they are likely to do so because they care about the impact their actions have on the environment,” says MD Peter Body “By buying British and choosing composite window and door products from AluWood, architects and house builders are able to help the consumer to maintain their environmental and ecological integrity at this crucial stage of the build. “

Stunning Styling and Fine Finishes

Of course, the environmental appeal is by no means all that AluWood has to offer with stunning styling and fine finishes to both the interior and exterior of their frames, this UK-based manufacturer has a firm grasp on the key trends within the building industry.

Consumers can choose from powder coat or anodised finishes for the exterior components, with a range of applied finishes including popular white and clear lacquer treatments as well as a palette of colours designed to coordinate with the more modern interior.

Leading the Way in Composite Window and Door Design

AluWood is one of the UK’s leaders in the design and manufacture of aluminium clad timber windows and doors. Our highly competitive composite system offers the perfect union of timber and aluminium with market leading performance.

With such a great combination of style, substance and eco-cred, AluWood looks set to remain at the leading edge of their sector as it develops into the 21st century.

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